33 Life Lessons I learned in 33 years

A list of 33 Life lessons I learned in 33 years,  in no particular order. ( This post will be periodically updated) 1. Every success adventure must include  God otherwise it will not succeed 2. Your never to old to keep learning 3. No matter how hard you work in life make sure you practiceContinue reading “33 Life Lessons I learned in 33 years”

4 P’s of Success

Positive practice in our thoughts and attitudes are important to our success -Have a purpose higher than yourself -Get rid of negative people in your life -Use positive words -Don’t Fear Failure Living a life fully engaged with the principles of peace, and wealth, spoken in the bible so that we may thrive with goodContinue reading “4 P’s of Success”

Mean while staying safe from COVID-19

The COV-ID 19 outbreak has caused a huge impact on our every day living. Major department stores were force to close it doors, leaving millions without jobs. Schools shutdown as well as entertainment and children are now being home schooled. Some states, and cities have put strict curfew restrictions for citizens to follow. With theContinue reading “Mean while staying safe from COVID-19”

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself This Year

At the beginning of every year we set our, New Years resolutions and goals for the new year but, how many of us actually follow them. The list below will help you go into the new year with a different approach to tackle your goals and  live the happy life you are planning. Develop aContinue reading “5 Ways To Motivate Yourself This Year”