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8 Random Acts of Kindness

Ephesians 4:32 “And be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another, even as for Christ sake hath forgiven you. KJV

Kindness is a behavior that includes act of generosity, and having concerns for others without expecting reward or praise. Kindness is one of the main topics in the bible. Here are 8 random acts of kindness you can try.

  1. Send a family member or close friend some unexpected groceries delivered straight to their front door. I just recently tried this for both my parents and they were overly thankful. I was happy to be able to give to love ones.

2. Drop off a couple mini size personal hygiene products to a local shelter.

3.Share a friends blog post, or business page on your social media page. Share is caring.

4. Pay it forward, Next time your standing in line for star bucks drink offer to pay for the person behind you meal or drink.

5. Forgive someone who wronged you in the past. That’s right call them up and let them know that you forgive them for doing you wrong in the past. This will show that you are mature, above their level. You understand that holding grudges is a complete waste of your happiness.

6. Plan a surprise outing for a friend or your significant lover.

7. Donate money to a cause you support or a family in need.

8. The next time you are out dining leave your waiter a big tip

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35 Life Lessons I learned in 35 years

I started this post at 33 Life lessons I learned in 33 years. ( This post will be updated yearly)

1. Every success adventure must include  God otherwise it will not succeed

2. Your never to old to keep learning

3. No matter how hard you work in life make sure you practice self care or otherwise you can put yourself on the edge of a  burn out.

4. Love yourself first.

5. Forget about the bad and focus on the good.

6. It’s okay to walk away from toxic environments, relationships, friendships, family, they will only keep you down, and  hold you back from moving ahead in your life and success.

7. Be thankful for what you have and  don’t worry  about what you don’t have.

8. The more you give in life the more you will receive.

9. What you surround yourself around is what you will  become.

10. It’s okay to be friendly and say hello to others in public

11. Investing in yourself is the best choice to make in life.

12. Embrace your challenges & failures they prepare you for life.

13.Keep a positive attitude  in all life challenges this will help you get through them

14. Go hard to accomplish your goals in life so you don’t live with any regrets about why you didn’t go after your dreams.

15. Never Settle for less then what you know your worth.

16. Forgive today because tomorrow is not promised.

17. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

18. You only get one life so give yourself the best healthiest and happiest life you possibly can

19. It doesn’t matter how, when, or where you begin all that matters is that you start

20. Money will never bring you true happiness

21.  Everyone is not meant to tag along the same journey  as you.

22. Be Patient with life and it’s unusual events

23.  Take Care of your Family 

24. Help as many people as possible

25. Excuses are for losers and failures

26. Never give up on anything you love doing

27. Your thoughts are powerful and so is your tongue, think and speak positive things

28. Still be kind to others who do you wrong

29. Grudges are a complete waste of happiness.

30. Always follow your gut instinct  9/10 your instincts are right.

31. Pray daily and stay humbled

32.  Love is more then a feeling its a choice and it starts within you.

33.  If your not happy in any situation rather if its a job, relationship, friendship, career. Kick that to the left and move on.

34. You only get one mother cherish her because when she is gone their is no return.

35. Changing your mindset and not think the way you did in your 20s is not stupid it’s growth.






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5 Ways To Move Forward in 2020

At the beginning of every year we set our, New Years resolutions and goals for the new year but, how many of us actually follow them. The list below will help you go into the new year with a different approach to tackle your goals and  live the happy life you are planning.


Develop a plan for the New Year by defining your goals. Prioritize your goals by which is most important to you. Set reasonable achievable goals, followed by the action steps you will take to accomplish each goal this year. If you plan to start a business this year develop a business plan. Planning  to buy a home research the steps along with the action steps you may need to take to get in your new home. Want to have a plan to save spend less and save more, create action steps such as reducing your everyday spending habits


While the year is still at a fresh start have a goal to practice not to procrastinate on your goals and Keep a daily and weekly physical planner to jot down your weekly and daily to do tasks. Review your weekly to do’s on a daily basis this will help you stay focus on what you need to accomplish, and help prioritize your goals and tasks to completion. It takes less then 10 minutes to review your goals on a daily basis. Whatever task or goal you plan to accomplish this year commit to it. Make a commitment to complete your tasks by a certain due date.Get rid of distractions such as your phone, social media when working on your important tasks. Set a schedule time aside for family fun nights,  time for yourself, and time to work on your goals or hobbies. Scheduling out your plan and tasks will help you better organize yourself and avoid procrastinating.

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Investing in you is one of the greatest investments anyone can do. This year start a savings account for yourself if you haven’t done so already. Start a  side hustle or business, doing this can bring you great income this year. Look into  hiring a business or career coach to assist you in your journey. Take an online course an learn a new skill. Smile and be happy this year no matter what life throws at you.

Learn to value yourself ; which means fight for your happiness.” –Alyn Rand

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As you knock down your goals and accomplishments this year don’t forget to reward yourself.

  • Eat at your favorite Restaurant
  • Take a day break and plan a spa day
  • Enjoy your favorite glass of wine
  • Do a favorite activity you enjoy
  • Get a New hairstyle
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident
  • Write In  Your Journal
  • Catch some beauty rest and go to bed early

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Take sometime and think about 2019 lessons, what went well last year? What surprised you? What did 2019 teach you? Use what you learned from last year to grow this year in 2020. What needs to be left behind? toxic relationships, bad habits, negative mindset. Think about where you want to be? How will you  make changes to help your grow and what action steps would you need to take to get their?

Press forward, do not stop. do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.” – George Whitfield