Working At Home Opportunities

Great Article about the benefits of Working From Home

Home Independence

Working at home opportunities is sought after by many. It means more freedom, spend more time with family and friends and gain a real sense of accomplishment.

Reasons To Work At Home

Everyone has their own idea why to work from home but for some, the reason is more pressing. The biggest influence for work at home jobs are single parents. I myself am a full-time single dad, and work at home opportunities fit my lifestyle best. I am always being called on by my daughter and all of her life’s demands. Not to mention I am mom and dad with the full duties of both sides. Sadly, I don’t have time to go to work!!

However, there are other reasons that make work from home jobs so fitting. There are people that are handicapped or care-givers that the traditional job lifestyle just won’t work. Work at home jobs also…

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Freedom in 365 Educational Platform

Freedom in 365 is an educational marketing platform that gives you knowledge and tools that you can use to generate more income in your own business, or create the business and income you always wanted for yourself. Taking advantage of the Freedom in 365 educational platform gives you access to create 7 different streams of income all while give you access to free training in:

Free Credit Repair Do it yourself credit repair training. Why pay hundreds and thousands of dollars when you can learn all about credit repair for yourself and take advantage of taking control of your finances and increasing your credit score

Weekly Opportunity Calls ongoing opportunity calls with the whole freedom in 365 Family. The point of these opportunity calls is to make sure that everyone understands how the Freedomin365 training platform works and also discussing the different benefits you gain from just being a member of this great opportunity.

Big Ten Follow the Big ten and learn how to develop daily successful habits that will help you succeed in life as well as business. The Freedom in 365 training platform goes more in depth with each step of the big ten.

  1. Set Goals Daily
  2. Go All In
  3. Upgrade Daily
  4. Copy Daily
  5. Create Content Daily
  6. Network Daily
  7. Market Daily
  8. Follow Up Daily
  9. Study Charts Daily
  10. Plug In Daily

F365 Instant Savings Club Save on most popular retailers, hotels, flights, vacation rentals, bookings

Additional training paid subscriptions may include:

  • The Forex Code
  • Freedom in 365 Blue Print
  • Product Creation Mastery
  • Crypto Mastermind
  • The Forex code
  • Selling Made Simple
  • CEO Boss in a box
  • Real Estate Profits
  • Dropship profits
  • Facebook Training Ads
  • Success Mastery
  • 12 Steps To transformation

Why Freedom in 365? Don’t miss out on learning new skills to help you gain knowledge to position yourself to financial freedom. There is no other system like the Freedom in365 platform. The F365 is set up only for you to learn, apply the knowledge you learned and succeed. It costing you nothing to learn a new skill and increase your knowledge.

My Daily Self Care Routine While Raising 3

Balancing school, work, business and family can be stressful and difficult at times. That’s why I believe it’s very important to practice some type of relaxing self care routine for yourself. Your self care routine can be as big or as small as you want it to be, so don’t stress about the amount of time you spend on your routines or how often you do them. Remember it’s all about you and what makes you feel relieved and stress free while caring for yourself. Check out my list below on what I do on a daily/ weekly basis.

Drink Hot Tea Daily

A hot cup of green tea always helps me relax on a daily basis, Its very soothing and good for your body. I drank a cup of green tea in the morning on my way to work. Some evenings I may drank a detox tea which helps relieves your body from unwanted detoxes in your body.

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Exercise Daily

Work out daily to help relieve stress and clear your mind. I always say 20 minutes a day of will keep the stress way, Besides being health is wealth.

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Weekly Skin Care Routine

Create a weekly skincare routine I usually exfoliate my skin every Sunday along with a nice facial clay mask. Taking care of your skin on a weekly basis or how often as you want helps you to not only feel relaxed but minimizes wrinkles and fine lines that can be caused from stressed.

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Feed your mind daily with positive knowledge

Read a book daily or listen to a self motivating podcast.

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Daily Relaxing bath

Unwind and relax before bed with a nice hot bubble bath.

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33 Life Lessons I learned in 33 years

A list of 33 Life lessons I learned in 33 years,  in no particular order. ( This post will be periodically updated)

1. Every success adventure must include  God otherwise it will not succeed

2. Your never to old to keep learning

3. No matter how hard you work in life make sure you practice self care or otherwise you can put yourself on the edge of a  burn out.

4. Love yourself first.

5. Forget about the bad and focus on the good.

6. It’s okay to walk away from toxic environments, relationships, friendships, family, they will only keep you down and  hold you back from moving ahead at your life and success.

7. Be thankful for what you have and  don’t worry  about what you don’t have.

8. The more you give in life the more you will receive.

9. What you surround yourself around is what you will  become.

10. It’s okay to be friendly and say hello to others in public

11. Investing in yourself is the best choice to make in life.

12. Embrace your challenges & failures they prepare you for life.

13.Keep a positive attitude  in all life challenges this will help you get through them

14. Go hard to accomplish your goals in life so you don’t live with any regrets about why you didnt accomplish your dreams.

15. Never Settle for less then what you know your worth.

16. Forgive today because tomorrow is not promised.

17. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

18. You only get one life so give yourself the best healthiest and happiest life you possibly can

19. It doesn’t matter how, when, or where you begin all that matters is that you start

20. Money will never bring you true happiness

21.  Everyone is not meant to tag along the same journey  as you.

22. Be Patient with life and it’s unusual events

23.  Take Care of your Family 

24. Help as many people as possible

25. Excuses are for losers and failures

26. Never give up on anything you love doing

27. Your thoughts are powerful and so is your tongue, think and speak positive things

28. Still be kind to others who do you wrong

29. Grudges are a complete waste of happiness.

30. Always follow your gut instinct  9/10 your instincts are right.

31. Pray daily and humble yourself

32.  Love is more then a feeling its a choice and it starts within you.

33.  If your not happy in any situation rather if its a job, relationship, friendship, career. Kick that to the left and move on.










Boost Your Biz Social Media Challenge

If you ask most people what are their biggest challenges when it comes to their online business you will hear

  • Getting more traffic to there website or product
  • Making sales
  • Posting engaging content on social media
  • Getting more social media followers with engaging content

I struggled at one point with all of the above and probably way more when I first started my online business journey. I was not sure when, how, or what I should post on social media. ** Remember you don’t have to be perfect, but by being consistent with posting engaging content on your social profiles your helping get more eyes on your business and attracting new members to your audience.

Boost your business social media

  • Commit to posting at least 3 posts a day on your social media page (of course you can do more this just helps you to get in the groove of being more consistent on your social media profiles).
  • Reach out to other friends on social media about your business who may be able to benefit from your services ( I’m not suggesting to go harass your whole friends list about your business, this is to help you make connections with others on social media and get you in the habit of talking about your business daily which can possibly help drive traffic and boost sales to your website or product.
  • Like, Comment, Share on other friends posts

4 P’s of Success

Positive practice in our thoughts and attitudes are important to our success

-Have a purpose higher than yourself

-Get rid of negative people in your life

-Use positive words

-Don’t Fear Failure

Living a life fully engaged with the principles of peace, and wealth, spoken in the bible so that we may thrive with good fortune, happiness, and wealth.

-Seek God in everything that you do

-Seek righteousness

-Develop your faith and trust in God

-Keep his commandments and work his ways

What is your purpose in life?

Why is success important to you?

How would success be important to you in your life?

Your purpose helps you to focus on things that are meaningful to you and shift you to move ahead and enjoy life.

Your onward movement toward your success is all that matter, “Don’t Worry about the perfection focus on the progress.”

-Determine why you want to move forward in life

-Set Goals

-Celebrate your success as you go

-Enjoy your journey

-Accept the possible setbacks ( you will over come those)

Profitable Online Money Making Niches

The internet is becoming a greater source in our everyday lives, not just being used for general research. If your serious about make money online, check out and research the list below of online niches that are making money online right now.

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. E-commerce
  3. Blogging
  4. DIY Crafts
  5. Beauty
  6. Fashion
  7. Finances/Credit Education
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Forex Trading
  10. Weight Loss
  11. Dating/ Relationships
  12. Self Improvements
  13. Life Style
  14. Pets
  15. Wealth Building through investing
  16. How to start an online business
  17. Make Money on the Internet
  18. Personal Finance
  19. YouTube
  20. Social Media Manager

Mean while staying safe from COVID-19

The COV-ID 19 outbreak has caused a huge impact on our every day living. Major department stores were force to close it doors, leaving millions without jobs. Schools shutdown as well as entertainment and children are now being home schooled. Some states, and cities have put strict curfew restrictions for citizens to follow. With the New social distance guidelines and stay home orders here is a list of a few things you can do while being home.

Organize Your Home

reorganize each room in your home or apartment, use this time and get rid of old junk and clutter. Doing this will be refreshing to your mind and space of living.

Learn A New Skill

Register for a free online course and learn a new skill

Khan Academy offers instructional videos , personalized learning dashboard. Classes offered: Entrepreneurship, Finance & Capital Market.

Udacity offers professional programs for web developers, data anaylsts, mobile developers. Classes Offered: Android Development for beginners, Intro to java programming, intro to virtual reality and more .

Facebook Blueprint Training, offers free training for digital marketers.

Start an Online Business

Things has changed drastically, and the old way of living is soon to be bye bye. Technology is advancing and more and more people are being forced to work remotely online. Here are a few business ideas you can research yourself , and start your own business:

  1. Create an e-commerce store
  2. Start a Blog
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Create online course that sells
  5. Start a YouTube Channel
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Content Writer
  8. Freelancer
  9. Logo designer
  10. Start an Amazon FBA business

Revisit Your Life Goal

Revisit your goals for 2020 and think about these key questions

What am I grateful for? What are my values, am I being true to them? Is my social circle influencing my life positively? Am I living a lifestyle that promotes a healthy physical,mental, and spiritual well being? Am I giving the people I value most enough of my time?

Pray More

Pray more and build or rebuild your spiritual relationship with God. If you dont know how to pray, ask God for guidance and he will lead you.

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself This Year

At the beginning of every year we set our, New Years resolutions and goals for the new year but, how many of us actually follow them. The list below will help you go into the new year with a different approach to tackle your goals and  live the happy life you are planning.


Develop a plan for the New Year by defining your goals. Prioritize your goals by which is most important to you. Set reasonable achievable goals, followed by the action steps you will take to accomplish each goal this year. If you plan to start a business this year develop a business plan. Planning  to buy a home research the steps along with the action steps you may need to take to get in your new home. Want to have a plan to save spend less and save more, create action steps such as reducing your everyday spending habits


While the year is still at a fresh start have a goal to practice not to procrastinate on your goals and Keep a daily and weekly physical planner to jot down your weekly and daily to do tasks. Review your weekly to do’s on a daily basis this will help you stay focus on what you need to accomplish, and help prioritize your goals and tasks to completion. It takes less then 10 minutes to review your goals on a daily basis. Whatever task or goal you plan to accomplish this year commit to it. Make a commitment to complete your tasks by a certain due date.Get rid of distractions such as your phone, social media when working on your important tasks. Set a schedule time aside for family fun nights,  time for yourself, and time to work on your goals or hobbies. Scheduling out your plan and tasks will help you better organize yourself and avoid procrastinating.

20200109_184642 (1)

Investing in you is one of the greatest investments anyone can do. This year start a savings account for yourself if you haven’t done so already. Start a  side hustle or business, doing this can bring you great income this year. Look into  hiring a business or career coach to assist you in your journey. Take an online course an learn a new skill. Smile and be happy this year no matter what life throws at you.

Learn to value yourself ; which means fight for your happiness.” –Alyn Rand

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As you knock down your goals and accomplishments this year don’t forget to reward yourself.

  • Eat at your favorite Restaurant
  • Take a day break and plan a spa day
  • Enjoy your favorite glass of wine
  • Do a favorite activity you enjoy
  • Get a New hairstyle
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident
  • Write In  Your Journal
  • Catch some beauty rest and go to bed early

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Take sometime and think about 2019 lessons, what went well last year? What surprised you? What did 2019 teach you? Use what you learned from last year to grow this year in 2020. What needs to be left behind? toxic relationships, bad habits, negative mindset. Think about where you want to be? How will you  make changes to help your grow and what action steps would you need to take to get their?

Press forward, do not stop. do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.” – George Whitfield 

shakiera charice

Hello all, I started this blog website  back in 2017 just for fun to be honest and I didn’t have any specific idea or goal as to what I was going to do with this site. Fast forward to 2019 and I decided to keep doing things that I actually enjoy doing. My web space is being revamped, and my blog is being relaunched.

A little About Me

My full name is  Shakiera Charice Perry, if you ever follow me on social media you will probably see I go by my middle and last name Charice Perry, yup same person!. I was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. I have the joy of being a mother to an amazing beautiful daughter, and two little handsome boys. Some things I enjoy most in life is reading fantastic books, writing and helping others especially those in needs.

The Blog

I chose to blog  because being a single parent  for over 13 years I know and understand the good, bad and, ugly of  certain life situations. Especially balancing family, work, school, and business. My blog shares real life stories on faith, overcoming life’s difficult obstacles and barriers that may block you from living life at its best.

The Inspiration

I was inspired to start this blog back in 2017, being faced with so many challenges and over coming many obstacles in my life, with the biggest being  almost losing a young child to the silent killer Type 1 Diabetes.

First thing people want to know?

First thing people want to know is how they can do things better.



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