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8 Random Acts of Kindness

Ephesians 4:32 “And be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another, even as for Christ sake hath forgiven you. KJV

Kindness is a behavior that includes act of generosity, and having concerns for others without expecting reward or praise. Kindness is one of the main topics in the bible. Here are 8 random acts of kindness you can try.

  1. Send a family member or close friend some unexpected groceries delivered straight to their front door. I just recently tried this for both my parents and they were overly thankful. I was happy to be able to give to love ones.

2. Drop off a couple mini size personal hygiene products to a local shelter.

3.Share a friends blog post, or business page on your social media page. Share is caring.

4. Pay it forward, Next time your standing in line for star bucks drink offer to pay for the person behind you meal or drink.

5. Forgive someone who wronged you in the past. That’s right call them up and let them know that you forgive them for doing you wrong in the past. This will show that you are mature, above their level. You understand that holding grudges is a complete waste of your happiness.

6. Plan a surprise outing for a friend or your significant lover.

7. Donate money to a cause you support or a family in need.

8. The next time you are out dining leave your waiter a big tip

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