Boost Your Biz Social Media Challenge

If you ask most people what are their biggest challenges when it comes to their online business you will hear

  • Getting more traffic to there website or product
  • Making sales
  • Posting engaging content on social media
  • Getting more social media followers with engaging content

I struggled at one point with all of the above and probably way more when I first started my online business journey. I was not sure when, how, or what I should post on social media. ** Remember you don’t have to be perfect, but by being consistent with posting engaging content on your social profiles your helping get more eyes on your business and attracting new members to your audience.

Boost your business social media

  • Commit to posting at least 3 posts a day on your social media page (of course you can do more this just helps you to get in the groove of being more consistent on your social media profiles).
  • Reach out to other friends on social media about your business who may be able to benefit from your services ( I’m not suggesting to go harass your whole friends list about your business, this is to help you make connections with others on social media and get you in the habit of talking about your business daily which can possibly help drive traffic and boost sales to your website or product.
  • Like, Comment, Share on other friends posts

Published by Charice Perry

Shakiera Charice Perry currently holds an A.S from Bay State College in Boston MA, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University.

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