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4 P’s of Success

Positive practice in our thoughts and attitudes are important to our success

-Have a purpose higher than yourself

-Get rid of negative people in your life

-Use positive words

-Don’t Fear Failure

Living a life fully engaged with the principles of peace, and wealth, spoken in the bible so that we may thrive with good fortune, happiness, and wealth.

-Seek God in everything that you do

-Seek righteousness

-Develop your faith and trust in God

-Keep his commandments and work his ways

What is your purpose in life?

Why is success important to you?

How would success be important to you in your life?

Your purpose helps you to focus on things that are meaningful to you and shift you to move ahead and enjoy life.

Your onward movement toward your success is all that matter, “Don’t Worry about the perfection focus on the progress.”

-Determine why you want to move forward in life

-Set Goals

-Celebrate your success as you go

-Enjoy your journey

-Accept the possible setbacks ( you will over come those)

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