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Hello all, I started this blog website  back in 2017 just for fun to be honest and I didn’t have any specific idea or goal as to what I was going to do with this site. Fast forward to 2019 and I decided to keep doing things that I actually enjoy doing. My web space is being revamped, and my blog is being relaunched.

A little About Me

My full name is  Shakiera Charice Perry, if you ever follow me on social media you will probably see I go by my middle and last name Charice Perry, yup same person!. I was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. I have the joy of being a mother to an amazing beautiful daughter, and two little handsome boys. Some things I enjoy most in life is reading fantastic books, writing and helping others especially those in needs.

The Blog

I chose to blog  because being a single parent  for over 13 years I know and understand the good, bad and, ugly of  certain life situations. Especially balancing family, work, school, and business. My blog shares real life stories on faith, overcoming life’s difficult obstacles and barriers that may block you from living life at its best.

The Inspiration

I was inspired to start this blog back in 2017, being faced with so many challenges and over coming many obstacles in my life, with the biggest being  almost losing a young child to the silent killer Type 1 Diabetes.

First thing people want to know?

First thing people want to know is how they can do things better.



Published by Charice Perry

Shakiera Charice Perry single mom of 3. Currently holds an A.S from Bay State College in Boston MA, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University. She enjoys writing and sharing tips to help others succeed in their everyday life.

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